Fried Chicken At Its Best!

Homestyle Fried Chicken is a fast, family-friendly meal that will satisfy your customers and improve your bottom line.

It’s simple.

By joining the Homestyle Fried Chicken franchise, you add value to your business by providing quality home-style chicken plus your choice of a variety of products all with our custom blended seasoning that makes Homestyle Fried Chicken’s food line the most delicious!

We’ve got the full package

Menu Development

Complete Support and Professional Training

Merchandising Packages

No Royalty Fees

With our franchise, you will be supplied with everything necessary to prepare, serve and advertise Homestyle Fried Chicken branded products, thus increasing your store traffic and promoting additional sales.

Today’s busy consumer is more cost-conscious and hurried than ever before. Homestyle Fried Chicken ready-to-eat meals are the answer to many customers who are looking to get more value for their dollar in regard to feeding themselves and their families. That means a greater profit for you!

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