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Founded in 1954, Hol-N-One Donut Company, Inc. began under the direction of James Vineyard. He began selling a donut program to the restaurant and convenience store industry.

As the business grew, James’ son-in-law, Jerry Rogers began to work in Hol-N-One. In the 1970’s, Hol-N-One added a fried chicken program. Under Jerry’s leadership Hol-N-One started their own Homestyle Fried Chicken Program and begin a blending operation.

In the late 1990’s, James Rogers, Jerry’s son, began working at Hol-N-One Donut Co. of Arkansas, Inc. Since then James has continued to work to advance and expand the family business. Through his leadership, Hol-N-One has expanded the blending operation of their established products and have started retail packaging, liquid packaging, and co-packing.

As the co-packing grew, Hol-N-One underwent a company name change in 2018, to HNO Blending Solutions.

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